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salesupAcuCall began in 2000 with a concept that would help organizations lower their customer contact costs and improve customer retention. We built our first generation platform and sold it initially to call centers of up to 500 seats and then to larger corporate customers.

In 2010 we built our new platform, a ground-up development effort in which we replaced modular components and third party products with our vision of a unified platform that dramatically improves usability and functionality, is fully featured and scalable, is accessible through multiple communication methods and is completely open to insure interoperability with external legacy systems and OEM products.

Our applications platform impacts the business and customer contact process in several unique and different ways. A single view for any user of all traditionally separate modules reduces the requirements of specialized skill sets, knowledge bases and equipment and improves agent or user training and uptime. Unifying the business-customer relationship history and the various communication methods and extending this to other business units throughout an organization, improves data and quality of service. CenterMasterâ„¢ is a cost-effective, single-view, single-interface solution that’s easy to learn and easy to use and designed specifically to address the pain points that are pervasive in customer contact organizations.