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AcuCall sells and supports automated customer interaction management systems for call centers and businesses that emulate call center activities within their organizations. CenterMasterâ„¢, our flagship product, is a unified customer interaction management platform with integrated customer relationship management, interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, call recording, scripting, reporting, speech and analytics, SMS, email, chat and more.

Our customers leverage this platform to generate revenue both directly and incrementally. Improving operational efficiency proves to be the most immediate and measurable impact on revenue generating activities. Utilizing information captured and analyzing data leads to increased incremental revenue enjoyed by our customers. For more information contact AcuCall sales staff.

AcuCall develops proprietary software applications using best of breed technologies with strict adherence to industry standards. Our customer interaction engine leverages the Microsoft .NET framework and solutions foundation and is fully integrated with the Asterisk telephony engine as developed in the Linux operating environment