The most powerful yet affordable software on the market also brings harmony to your life with real-time reporting

CenterMaster reporting may be consolidated and customized in real-time to get needed data out when you want it and in the way you want to see it.

Data is used to optimize performance in customer contact. Being able to pull data as needed in real time improves decision making and optimizes each customer contact interaction.

CenterMaster communicates seamlessly with multi-vendor data. For example if you use a work force management system. CenterMaster will allow you to pull data from that system to monitor work force schedules, adherence, etc., in real-time.

CenterMaster can also communicate with any platform exchanging data and provide the ability to consolidate reporting across systems.

Once logged into the system you are live with the ability to view and report on any performance metrics as they transpire.

At home agents are supervised same as on site agents. Supervisors can walk the floor with a tablet in hand analyzing the current situation allowing them to optimize performance regardless of physical location.

CenterMaster is customizable providing Supervisors the ability to control what data the agents need to see to improve their ability to work independently and efficiently.

You can pull historic interval data to compare to real-time data getting the right data to those who want to act on it.

CenterMaster has standardized and custom on-screen reports that include for example, abandon rates and average calling times, etc., allowing you to review and analyze data for optimizing dialer performance or any other functions.

CenterMaster provides reporting analysis between companywide operations vs. customer contact operations. There are many events both internal and external that affect operations. For example, Utility companies require reporting on weather events, this data can be pulled into CenterMaster to prepare customer alerts which can be delivered thru phone or any social media.

Data from CenterMasters CRM product can be mined to report on any aspect of the customer interaction and in any interval providing insight into how customer contact efforts are affecting the top line.

With CenterMaster you can customize KPI’s and aggregate metrics to apply mathematical rules and equations.

Display data on wallboards in raw or dashboard format via live stream. Print or export to excel, pdf, file and more…