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aboutus-photoWeb user interface and Call Center Consolidation: Easy web-user interface allows you to add agents to the system by logging in through a web browser. Calls may also be sent to call centers with open capacity, regardless of the location. The software is easily able to relocate and scale as the number of calls and agents increase.

Agent desktop consolidation: All agent information is consolidated into a single view. Management also shares the same view as the agents. This simplifies training and allows a manager to step in to assist with any customer problems that the agent is incapable of solving alone.

Speech recognition, CRM, Recording, Scripting, Dialer, Reports: Scripting tools allow the agents to work efficiently by keeping them focused. Detailed analytical insight is provided through agent metrics and reports on agents’ activities, allowing for the understanding of strengths and weaknesses in the call center. Twenty traditional reports are available, as well as a proprietary reports engine that allows for custom report creation. IVR allows for more calls to be handled by each agent. Agents can handle more calls or fewer agents can handle the same number of calls—both reduce cost. As the phone rings information is sent to the agent about the customer, thanks to CRM.