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knowledge baseAcuCall has significant material available in in the form of manuals, quick guides, white papers and more to assist in learning and understanding all of the nuances of CenterMaster to help maximize use of the software platform.

Our on-demand, hosted and customer premise equipment deployment models meet the specific needs of our customers by integrating the customer management capability and flexibility of our core interaction application engine with the efficient and effective communication potential of the Asterisk communication platform. This combination produces compelling improvements in the ability of our customers to manage large volumes of inbound/outbound communications at the lowest possible cost per contact and to retain and manage historical data and to measurably improve first time contact or response or resolution to their customers.

AcuCall develops proprietary software applications using best of breed technologies with strict adherence to industry standards. Our customer interaction engine leverages the Microsoft .NET framework and solutions foundation and is fully integrated with the Asterisk telephony engine as developed in the Linux operating environment.